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Suggested Instructions for Dog Run

Suggested area       -     4’or 5’ x 20’

Run should ideally be placed near a door where you can access the run conveniently.

If being installed on a grassy area it is a good idea to remove the grass or put down the weed material.

Install your fencing.  I use the portable chain link fence.  It is simple to put together and you can have it made in sizes.  I recommend either 5’ or 6’ high.  If you use 5’, you have to be sure and watch your head, as portable fencing has a top bar for the gate area.  I would also recommend you use treated wood, I use 1’x12”, on the OUTSIDE of the fence to hold in the gravel. It will need to be about 2’ high. It is a good idea to put it about 2-3’ high in the back of the run.

Next put down a base of crusher run approximately 3 inches deep.  Once it is down and smooth, take a hose and spray it with water and let it set.  It will harden somewhat, yet still remain porous, allowing rain etc, to drain into the ground.  I let mine set over night.

Next put down Egg Rock or sometimes called River Rock.  This should be approximately 4 inches deep.  Egg Rock looks very much like pea gravel only larger.  You need the larger rock as dogs can sometimes swallow the smaller size.  It runs about $45.00 per ton and can be order from almost any landscaping contractor.  I don’t like gravel, because it has sharp edges and can hurt small paws, the egg rock is round, oval and smooth.

My runs are covered for the first 8’ of the run so they can utilize it on rainy days without getting wet.  Most Bichons don’t like to go out in the rain.

The run concept really helps keep your bichon cleaner and greatly assits with the housebreaking ritual! 

It is also better for flea control as the dog does not have access to pine straw, which fleas love!, and they can’t dig in the mud or otherwise get into trouble. 

NEVER leave your dog unattended in the run while you run to the store or leave the house.  These dogs are very popular and very tempting for someone to acquire.  They should also not be left in the runs for really long periods, especially on hot days.

I would purchase a pooper scooper to remove the poop.  I spay down my runs using a hose with a sprayer attached using plain old  bleach.  With one dog should not have to do it often.